Browne highlights ongoing concerns over animal abuse

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary TD has called for more to be done to tackle instances of horse neglect and abuse.

Deputy Martin Browne’s comments come in the wake of a recent meeting of the Joint Committee on Agriculture which was addressed by members of the My Lovely Horse Rescue group.

The Cashel based Sinn Féin representative had asked that the group be given the opportunity to address the committee.

He says there has to be more authorised officers available together with enforcement of legislation and improved funding to tackle the issue which he says is a major problem in Tipperary.

“We’ve seen it for the last number of years and I suppose there was one particular location that just kept coming up and we’ve seen incidents in various other parts of the county as well of the neglect.

“You’d have to be the hardest of hearts not to be totally outraged at what has gone on and I think there’s very few people wouldn’t be outraged by it but it seems to continue on a daily basis.”

Meanwhile the My Lovely Horse group is calling for more of a focus on animal welfare legislation at the Garda college in Templemore.

Eoin Cullen told the Agriculture Committee members that while Gardaí were very supportive of their efforts to tackle animal neglect and abuse they simply did not have the necessary training.

“Gardaí are fantastic but they don’t know enough about the animal health and welfare legislation in order to help us on a regular basis.

“In terms of in college in Templemore they literally do I think it’s – we were told – half a day on animal health and welfare legislation and that’s it as part of their training.

“It used to be a day I think and they’ve cut it back so unfortunately the knowledge isn’t really there for them to dive on board.”