Advice on caring for your pet during the heatwave

Photo courtesy of Arra Vets Facebook page

Tipperary pet owners are being reminded of the need to look after their four-legged friends during the current heatwave.

With temperatures reaching the high 20s today and not expected to fall much below 20 tonight Mairead Leahy of Arra Vets in Tipp Town says dogs simply should not be walked.

She recommends using cooling mats for your pets but says these are in very short supply at the moment. However she says there are alternatives such as “puppy pads”

“If you soak them in water and pop them in the freezer you can put a towel or something over them and let your dog lie on them. Even cats like them to lie on.”

“A damp towel as well – lay it on them or let them sit on it is a really good idea. And if your kids are willing to share their paddling pool – another way of cooling them down.”