American lecturer in LIT Clonmel says USA’s death rate is not flattening at all in some areas

The US President says he wants to see “big crowds” flocking to golf’s Masters in November.

The event has been pushed back to the autumn due to the pandemic.

However, some critics believe that Donald Trump is not being realistic as the US now has 1.5 million cases and almost 90,000 deaths.

Bernie Goldbach worked as an analyst in the Reagan Administration and is now a lecturer in LIT in Clonmel.

He’s told Tipp FM many areas of the US have been badly hit:

“I grew up in a rural area and it’s challenged with a number of deaths. The rate hasn’t flattened in some of these rural townships.

“And that’s the big concern that, sure in some parts of the States things may go ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’ but [the Democratic Senators] are looking at the rural hospitals.

“…Public health is a difficult thing for people to understand. They can’t see it, you know it’s not attacking them at their door. And until their friends start to pass away, it’s very impersonal. Like, it’s just a bunch of numbers.”