American citizen in Ireland speaks to Tipp FM of support for Trump at this time

An American citizen living in Ireland says he thinks Donald Trump’s approach to the riots at present has been the right one.

Joe Caulfield lives in Offaly now and says he voted for Trump in 2016 and will vote for him again this year.

Many riots and protests have been taking place across the United States since George Floyd’s death and President Trump has called for tougher policing, saying the National Guard is ready to step in.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Joe says he doesn’t believe he’s only fanning the flames:

“Well, I think that’s just politics. I don’t think he actually has exacerbated things. As I said, Minnesota is a ‘Blue Diamond’ State. New York and Los Angeles where the rioting seems to be out of control, these are all Democratic controlled areas.

“I’m sorry, I don’t agree that he has. Actually I think that he has tried – when he says ‘the American people’, he’s referring to everybody.”

Joe says he believes Trump is doing what others are too afraid to do and he feels he is being unfairly judged by the media:

“If you look at the rioting and if the governors refuse to stand in… The governors have the ability to send in the National Guard, which they have done anyway.

“In California, for example, the National Guard went in there the other night. It could be argued that the reason they did that was because Trump was threatening, saying basically ‘if you don’t send in your National Guard, I’m going to send in the military.'”