Tipperary representatives ‘extremely’ disappointed with emissions deal

Photo © Tipp FM

The Government needs to wake up and see the amazing contribution the agriculture sector makes to Irish life.

That’s the view of the Irish Farmers Association boss and Tipp farmer Tim Cullinane who says he’s extremely disappointed with the emissions deal reached yesterday between the Government parties.

Under the Plan, the agriculture sector will have to reduce carbon emissions by an extra 25 per cent by the end of the decade.

IFA President says if the Government doesn’t protect the farming sector, there will be devastation in rural Ireland:

” this sector is in every rural town and village in rural Ireland and this government needs to wake up and realise that we have a sector… and that sector needs to be protected otherwise we’re going to have devastation not only at farm level but at societal level up and down rural Ireland as well.”

Local TD Mattie McGrath representing the rural independent TDs agrees saying the emissions deal is a kick in the teeth for family farms.

The Tipperary TD says the effects of this deal will destroy rural Ireland.

“our pig industry is all but gone and this is going to be a massive massive blow to family farms especially and farmers, and not only farmers but every town and village in Ireland.”