South Tipp IFA AGM tonight in Clonmel


The annual general meeting of the will take place tonight.

The AGM will take place at the Hotel Minella in Clonmel at 8pm, and all farm families are welcome to attend.

Farmers have faced a number of challenges over the last 12 months, in particular, the increase of inputs in fuel, electricity, feed, fertilizer, and commodities to cover the cost of production, which will be discussed tonight.

Tipp President of IFA, Tim Cullinan, will also be in attendance as a guest speaker.

IFA South Tipp Chair Pat Caroll told Tipp FM what people can expect from the meeting:

“Our Tipperary President, Tim Cullinan, he will be answering questions and giving a presentation on where things are at this point in time. There’s a lot of issues and a lot of changes in agriculture. To mention a few: environment is a paying a huge part – the views and discussions on it. There are a lot of changes coming down from that point of view and from policy changes.

“The IFA are playing a huge part and a huge role in that policy and to reduce the amount of effect on the farmers out there on the ground, but also help to improve and fix our environment.”