ICMSA leader says farmers will be hindered by Mica concrete levy

A West Tipp farm leader has acknowledged the “effort” of Budget 2023 but says slurry storage measures will be hindered by Mica concrete levy.

President of ICMSA Pat McCormack said that the Government had made a “reasonable effort” to respond across a range of issues but questions remain around whether the Government fully grasped the size of the contribution agriculture was making to the economy.

He says the accelerated capital allowances for slurry storage was a step forward but the 10% on concrete and concrete products would dilute the effectiveness of the measure.

Mr McCormack feels the inclusion of farmers in the Energy Support measures was welcome but necessary particularly with dairy farmers being such heavy consumers of energy.

In a statement this morning he said farmers have to have help on the cost of energy because their milk production is actually the economic energy for many in rural Ireland.