Cullinan moves to allay fears over Christmas turkey supply

Photo © pixabay

There will be enough turkeys for everyone this Christmas according to a Tipperary farm leader.

Toomevara’s Tim Cullinan, current President of the IFA, says Irish consumers shouldn’t experience a shortage despite the outbreak of Bird flu on a farm in Monaghan which will see 3,000 turkeys culled.

He says it could be a greater issues for those elsewhere on the continent as this variant is more widespread, however, if farmers follow all recommended protocols and limit non-essential visitors Ireland won’t see major disruption.

He told Tipp Today that people should not be worried about having a turkey this Christmas as this is not something that is transmitted to humans, once all meat is properly cooked:

“The very clear advice that we have received is that this does not transit from birds that are cooked properly to humans there is no risk there and that is the advice that our own association has received from the Department.”

While in conversation with Fran Curry the Toomevara farmer also commented on COP27 and the need for the sector to get financial support to assist in their efforts in tackling climate change.

He says that in recent times farmers have been forced to scale their operation in order to generate any sort of income and now any reductions must be supplemented.

He says he has concerns about the ability for Ireland to produce enough food to feed the population if the government does not step in and support farmers.

Cullinane stated that the price of feed and other essentials is putting a strain on farmers and is being felt worldwide:

“It’s important that her is always a pathway there is right across the world that we can produce enough food to feed the entire population and if you look at it we have just passed the billion people living on the planet as well. So when you have the world population increasing and you also have food production decreasing that is a concern.”