Cullinan: Government needs to meet farmers to discuss crop growing proposals

IFA President, Tim Cullinan. Photo © Tipp FM

The leaking of news that farmers would be asked to grow crops on part of their land was unhelpful according to local farm leader Tim Cullinan.

The President of the IFA, who is a native of Toomevara, says farmers are willing to help given the current invasion of Ukraine will likely impact on the availability of wheat in Europe and globally.

However, he says messages from the Department of Agriculture over the weekend through the media was not the appropriate course of action.

Cullinan says that the government need to meet farmers and discuss proposals, as well as incentivising them.

Speaking to Tipp Today, he says this also leads to greater concerns around food scarcity.

“We need to be very, very careful that we don’t end up with a food scarcity.

“We have been highlighting for quite a number of months now the massive costs the farmers have incurred due to the massive increase in the price of fertiliser, the price of oil which will impact on farmers in growing crops as well.

“There’s so much going on here at the moment its very, very concerning and if there’s more funding from Europe I think that would be very important as well.”