Cullinan: Some farmers have stopped trading due to losses

IFA President, Tim Cullinan. Photo © Tipp FM

Farmers could pull their produce from supermarket shelves if talks with retailers are not favourable.

IFA members from the Poultry Committee met with President and Tipp farmer Tim Cullinan yesterday.

This comes as major retailers are significantly under-pricing Irish produce with poultry, pig and horticulture farmers losing out.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Tim said that there are producers who have already stopped trading because of the losses.

“What I’m doing at the moment is having meetings with the CEO’s of all the major retailers.

“Following on from those meetings, well then we will make a decision about where we’re going to go after that.

“One thing I can clearly say is the mood from our members in each of those sectors is if we don’t have constructive meetings with the CEO’s of the major retailers, well then we’ll have to reconsider what we’re going to do next.”