Cullinan: Climate plan will have huge implications for farmers

IFA President, Tim Cullinan. Photo © Tipp FM

Two five-year plans aiming to cut Irish greenhouse gas emissions in half by the end of the decade has been released.

The Climate Change Advisory Council is targeting cuts of 4.8% a year up to 2025, followed by 8.4% annually to 2030.

Climate Action Minister Eamon Ryan says sector-by-sector targets will be published in the weeks ahead, and each “will need to play its part”.

When ratified by the Oireachtas, the targets are to be made legally binding.

The IFA says the report will have profound implications and will threaten the viability of farmers throughout the country.

President Tim Cullinan from Toomevara says it’ll have a huge impact on the rural economy.

“First of all this is going to be a massive cost for farmers and there’s a huge concern by farmers out there at the moment.

“If we look at it obviously with the other sectors having to achieve targets as well farmers are going to have to pay more for energy and transport is going to cost farmers more as well.”