Cahill: Green agenda no threat to Irish farming

Photo from Pixabay

Tipperary TD Jackie Cahill has reiterated his view that Irish farmers have nothing to fear from the Green agenda.

Many in the agriculture sector have expressed concerns that the Green Party would have a major influence on the coalition.

However Deputy Cahill says Irish farming is already “green.”

“We are the most sustainable producers of food virtually in the world.”

“And you know the citizens of Europe and the citizens of the world have to be fed and I think food security had slipped down the agenda. Now food security is back up there at the top of the political agenda.”

“So I think the time is right to put policies in place for food security. Sustainable food production has to be the key and we can do that here in this country better than most. So I don’t think the farmers in this country have anything to fear from the Green agenda.”