Browne says halting of Covid-19 testing at food plants makes no sense

Photo © Tipp FM

A local TD says the decision to suspend testing of staff at food production facilities for Covid-19 raises serious concerns.

All staff in these settings started being tested two weeks ago, and 40 people have tested positive as a result.

But the HSE says the process has been suspended until next week, due to an increase in demand for tests in the community.

Sinn Féin Deputy Martin Browne says this move will do nothing for public confidence in our ability to carry out sufficient tests.

“It beggars belief that they’ve suspended testing in these facilities.”

“It brings into question the overall capacity we have for testing. In May the government made a big fanfare that they were going to be able to test 100,000 people a week – now in September we’ve only 60,000 tests being done.”

“But like I said we know that clusters have broken out in these facilities and to actually suspend them is unbelievable.”