Acting CEO of Tipperary County Council drawing up a programme of activity to set out priorities for next five years

Photo from Oireachtas Broadcasting

The Acting CEO of Tipperary County Council says she wants to build a programme of activity for the next five years.

Housing Director Sinead Carr has taken over the top job in the executive after the retirement of Joe MacGrath and attended her first meeting in that capacity on Friday.

She’s been meeting with some of the newly elected Councillors over the past week or so to discuss the months and years of work ahead.

Sinead says she’s canvassing the Councillors to gather a list of the issues that need to be prioritised over the term of this council:

”It is interesting times to be fair with an election that has just gone ahead and then the new council here today and the AGM, so it was new for everybody and it was probably new for me as the interim chief executive as well.

”I’m making a point of meeting all the councillors to be honest. When its appropriate for them to do so, but really just to get an idea of they’ve been on the doorsteps, they’ve talked to the doors, they know what the issues are.
So it was a good time to collect that information,and see how we put it into a programme of activity for the next five years where we can try and address those areas that we have the ability to address,

”And obviously those that we don’t have the responsibility for, we do our best to try and influence those.

”What I have said to them (the newly appointed Cllrs) is there is going to be difficult decisions to be made down the line and for every new additional service you want, there’s going to be funding stream required. So the budget obviously is going to be a very important time and that will start in July. But to be fair to them, I think the vast majority of councillors, when they get in here, they realise what it is they can do and what they can’t do.”

The Acting CEO of Tipperary County Council says it would be a great honour to be appointed to the job on a permanent basis.

The appointment of a new CEO will be made by independent body in the next two to three months.

Sitting Tipperary cllrs have been vocal is offering their support to Sinead Carr.

She says she welcomes their support but she’s calling for the appointment to be made a soon as possible one way or the other:

”I suppose the difference is I’m really a caretaker at the moment, so you’re just holding a steady ship and look whenever the appointment is made, the appointment is made, and whoever is in the position would drive on.

”It’s not good to have somebody in a caretaking capacity for that length of time. It’s an important job, and you want somebody that’s a point that’s able to drive on with the key priorities.”

When asked if she was looking to claim the job full-time she said: ”Well, if I got the opportunity, of course, it would be a great honor.”