81 additional Tipperary jobs created with support of Local Enterprise Office

Stock photo: Canva.com / Dragonimages.

Tipperary’s Local Enterprise Office was involved in a net increase of 81 jobs last year.

The rise is in line with a national net increase of almost 3,000 jobs in 2021 across Ireland’s network of LEOs, after a year of net job losses in 2020.

236 new jobs were created in conjunction with Tipperary LEO last year, but this figure is offset by some job losses resulting in the net gain of 81 jobs.

85 percent of business supported by the LEOs are located outside Dublin.

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar says the figures are encouraging, and Government will do more to back businesses and workers:

“There are going to be five new workers’ rights – statutory sick pay, the right to request remote working, the protection of tips, new redundancy rights for people laid off during the pandemic, and an additional public holiday to bring us more in line with our European peers.”