The 5.45 – Pauline McDonogh on Food Waste Week in Tipperary

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On Today’s Evening News on Tipp FM, The 5.45:

This week is National Food Waste Week.

A national campaign has been launched, and Tipperary will play its part in this by hosting an informational session tomorrow night for local food businesses, which will include tips to reduce food waste and cut business-related costs.

Advice will be shared by industry leaders in hospitality and sustainability, and this is being done in association with the Tipperary Green Business Network.

Under new legislation around food waste, which will come into effect on January 1, 2024, all households will become eligible for food waste recycling bins to help tackle the stark figures that reveal Ireland wastes approximately 800,000 tonnes of food yearly.

Jody Coffey spoke with the Circular Economy Coordinator for the Southern Waste Region, Pauline McDonogh, and began by asking what the main objectives of this campaign are.


The food waste briefing in Thurles Anner Hotel tomorrow night from 4 until 6pm and you can register by emailing [email protected].