Rob O’Donnell

My vision for Tipperary:

I want to see a Tipperary with towns and villages that are vibrant, with people working, less crime and more opportunities.

My priorities:

Drugs, Health and Creating a Future for Young People. The “War on Drugs” isn’t working; drugs and its associated crime are seeping out of our towns and into our villages now. The current policy will not work, even with more Garda resources. We need to look at how other countries have solved the problem at the source, and that’s taking power and incentive away from drug gangs. People are dying in gangland feuds, from overdoses and on our streets. Meanwhile our health service is in crisis, we need to move away from the current policy to create a single tier health service which treats every patient with quality care and has the resources to do so. Finally, I want to create a Tipperary with a future. So many young people are leaving, there is a lack of opportunity and well-paid employment and problems with drugs, mental health only foster in these environments.

My experience:

I have been an advocate for students and a better education system for the last 8 years, and working on charity and community initiatives both here in Tipperary and on a national and European level. I am frustrated with the lack of vision and common sense in our politics, and the failure of our Government to build a sustainable rural Ireland for future generations. Young people are being forgotten and leaving in droves, the most sick and vulnerable ignored. I am a results-focused person and want to be an honest representative for the people of Tipperary, and have a track record of reaching my goals in my roles. Rural Ireland needs a young progressive voice, and I want to be that voice.