Michael Lowry

My Vision:

I share my vision for Tipperary with the people of Tipperary. The issues that are important to Tipperary people form my work plan going forward if re-elected next month.

My Priorities:

My priorities are to continue to work hard to address the issues facing Tipperary. Many of these issues are similar to those facing much of the country at this time. They include a continued fight for improved hospital and healthcare services for all, delivering the goals set out in the National Strategy to reduce Suicide, job creation and enterprise support, affordable and fair insurance costs for business and individuals, making education more affordable at all levels, minimising the impact of CAP Reform, a concerted effort to tackle housing provision and homelessness as well as practical measures to combat climate change and tackling crime in rural and urban areas.

In addition to these vital matters, there are many other important issues that have particular relevance to the day to day lives of people in individual towns and communities across our county. These are being raised consistently on the doorsteps in this campaign. If an issue is important to the people of Tipperary it becomes a priority for me.

My Experience:

I have dedicated my life to working for Tipperary and have a proven and long track record of service and delivery.