Mattie McGrath

My vision for Tipperary:

Tipperary is a county with massive potential. My vision for Tipperary is one in which we become a competitive economic centre within the south-east with high quality local and regional employment opportunities in the south and north of the county.

I also want Tipperary to be a place where people have access to vital health (physical- mental), home, school and disability support services as and when they need them.

I want Tipperary to be a safe county for young and old where families can thrive. I want Tipperary to be the best it can be.

My priorities:

My priority will be to bring about the effective delivery of an efficient and patient friendly health service especially around access to hospital, GP and mental health care. This includes residential psychiatric beds, CAMHS, autism and disability supports.

I will also prioritise the rapid delivery of social and affordable housing to stop families falling into homelessness and to enable people to buy their first home. Ensuring that people in Tipperary have high quality roads, infrastructure, business, and agricultural supports are also some of the issues I want to prioritise. I want our communities to be economically strong and vibrant places.

My Experience:

I have had the privilege of representing the great people of Tipperary in Dáil Eireann since 2011. I am a hard-working, honest and straight talking public representative who is not afraid to stand up to government on behalf of my constituents.

During my time in Dáil Eireann I have brought forward a wide range of private members legislation and motions on everything from protecting families in mortgage arrears from vulture funds, protecting the elderly from abuse, Rural Crime, saving our Post Office Network, Agriculture, Rural Broadband, Insurance, Roads, and the Fair Deal Scheme.

I have worked together with other rural independent TD’s to ensure that the voice of rural Ireland is heard at national level. My experience has shown that I can get the work done for the people of Tipperary. If elected I will continue to use my experience to benefit all of the people of Tipperary.