Joe Hannigan

My Vision for Tipperary:

My vision for Tipperary is a county where everyone has efficient, expedient access to healthcare and we never again hear the word “trolley” in relation to health, where long waiting lists are a thing of the past and the absolute fear of having to visit A&E no longer exercises the minds of Tipperary people.

I also want to see an end to the decline of our towns and villages of rural isolation and a time when farmers no longer have to go on a picket line to secure a fair price for their produce.

My Priorities:

My number one priority for this area is working to ensure the current issues within the health service are fixed.

To work on behalf of the farming community to secure a proper price for their produce.
To work to bring employment to the major towns in Tipperary and in particular the establishment of remote working facilities to allow those who currently travel long distances to work in an office environment to work from a suitable facility in their nearest town.

As outlined above, if elected I will be working tirelessly to promote the provision of autism units in all parts of Tipperary.

My Experience:

During my time as chairman of the Tipperary Football Board I probably visited pretty much every parish in the county and in doing so gained a great insight into our people and our place. As a public representative since 2014 I have been in daily contact with my constituents, speaking to farmers in their yards, sitting at kitchen tables and meeting people on the roads and streets of the county.

In doing so I have gained an invaluable insight into the relevant issues and concerns and have gained huge experience in dealing with these issues and concerns. My wife is a nurse and we are blessed with 5 children ranging in age from 17 to 32 and have run a family pub all my life. All of this has contributed to my experience in no small way.

I have served my apprenticeship on the ground and now want to represent the people of Tipperary on a bigger stage.