Witness our Fitness – The Second Weekly Weigh-In!

Its week 2 and its weigh in day! Our 2nd of 12 weekly weigh in.

Just to remind you, we’ve taken on a 12 week weight loss and fitness challenge with our friends at Xtreme CSC, Clonmel. We’ll be spending 12 weeks, training, clocking up the steps and following a tailored meal plan. Why? Because we, like many, many others across the county and beyond, have no clue what to eat and when, what choices to make when out for dinner and have no form of fitness whatsoever! We want to educate ourselves on what to eat, when and how much to train, how to use gym equipment and above all, lead by example. And the saying goes, ‘If I can do it, anyone can!”

This week was tough! The shine and excitement of the first week had gone and motivation was hard to find. We had to push ourselves each day to go, but the main thing is, we got there!

One thing that we’re all finding hard, out of all the changes, is drinking the 3-4 liters of water a day that is recommended. The easiest thing of all, has now become the most difficult. The easiest way I’ve found to combat that is to have a 2 liter bottle on my desk all the time, and to set goals. Sounds silly I know, but I aim to have over half the bottle gone by lunch and the other half gone by home time. Seems to be working so far.

With the election coming up, Fran and Lynda have been extremely busy, and so finding time for the gym or getting the steps in, is quite difficult at the moment. But Jola has taken that on board and has come up with quicker, high intensity sessions for days that we’re caught for time.

This week, weight loss was really good again. We’re also seeing inch loss too which is really motivating.

Week 2 breakdown

Fran…. Down 2

Lynda…. Down 2

Siobhan…. Down 3

That’s a total of 7 pounds lost this week! And a combined 16 pounds in total.

Fran down 3 inches overall

Lynda down 2.8 inches overall

Siobhan down 2.8 inches overall

What would we say to someone who’s thinking about joining a gym for the first time? Go for it. Book in with Jola for a personal training session and take the first step. A personal trainer will be able to give you a plan to work on, and most importantly, if you’ve never been before, will show you how to use the machines!  You’ll amaze yourself with your capabilities and believe us, no one will be looking at you. Every single person is there for the same reason.