Witness our Fitness – The First Weekly Weigh-in

Its D-Day, our FIRST of 12 weekly weigh in’s….

I think its safe to say, we were all shaking like leaves waiting for our personal trainer Jola to weigh us.

So, here’s the verdict:

Fran… -4 lbs

Lynda… -2 lbs

Siobhan…  -3 lbs

That’s a total loss of 9 lbs 

This week was tough. It was hard to stay focused with such aches and pains in our muscles. We really did have pains where we didn’t think possible, but that was always going to be the case when we’ve gone from couch potatoes to using our bodies in ways we didn’t even think we could! But we fought through and pushed ourselves more than we thought we could. All our colleagues here at Tipp FM have been extremely supportive and encouraging since we started. We even have a takeaway ban in the canteen now. Jola is always so encouraging too and always pushes us to get the very best from our session but is also so understanding. We have 4 blocks of 3-week training plans. What that consists of is 3 days in the gym with weights and machines etc and 1-day of 20/25 min High Intensity Session to make sure we’re all burning calories.

Jola recommended that we drink 3 to 4 liters of water each day, and for Siobhan and Fran, this was something they have struggled with. Likewise, getting in 10,000 steps a day after a full day of work, and the usual dinners and housework in the evenings seemed like an impossible achievement, but thankfully Jola listened and took this on board. She incorporated a 10/15-minute high-intensity session at the end of each session so that means there isn’t as much pressure on us to get in all those steps! We do try to get in as many as possible though!

Food wise, the plans are simple to follow and not as bland as we first thought! I mean, who would have thought we could still have chocolate! All of us are under pressure for time so the main thing was that we weren’t spending hours in the kitchen each evening. The meal plans are quick, easy and delicious, and that’s so surprising for us all.

All our training and Nutrition plans are tailor made for us specifically by Jola Nowasada from Xtreme CSC, Clonmel. To find out more about Xtreme CSC or to get in contact with Jola, Click HERE