George Ryall Premier Treatments

Premier Treatments Clinic is owned by George Ryall and located at Bank Place in Cashel.

While George specialises in neck, back and pelvis pain he also treats a wide variety of sports injuries and other musculo-skeletal injuries.

George has been in business since 2015, having set up his first clinic in Dualla before opening Premier Treatments Clinic in July 2017. He is delighted to be set up in the busy town of Cashel and feels his business has grown rapidly since the move into town.
George trained at the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine in Cork. He feels the emphasis placed on practical work as well as clinical hours in the course gave him a great start in his working life. “You can read all you want about the different injuries and conditions, but to get to see and treat real patients during our clinical placement and see how our lecturers diagnosed and treated clients in their own clinics on a day to day basis was an invaluable experience”.


George took this experience into his own clinic and now offers a client-centered approach, focusing on the manual treatment of soft tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments and joints. Each treatment is individually tailored to a client’s specific needs. “The first step with every new client who presents at my clinic is to take a detailed case history, this will decide what the best course of treatment will be for each client”.

While treating the injury or condition is obviously very important, educating the client as to why it happened and how to avoid it in the future is also key. “Every client who comes to me for treatment will be given a list of exercises to carry out at home to help prevent the injury re-occurring in the future, just ten minutes stretching and working on our range of movement everyday can make a huge difference”.


George is continuously looking to expand his knowledge and treatment techniques and recently qualified to practice Cranial Therapy, an osteopathic treatment used to treat a variety of conditions in babies and younger children as well as in adults.

The most common injuries George sees are
• Neck, Back and Pelvis pain
• Shoulder, Elbow and Knee pain
• Sports injuries
• Tension headaches

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