Edwina McElhinney – Wellness Facilitator

Edwina McElhinney – Wellness Facilitator
The Wellness Room,

The Wellness Room, 2 Bridgewater House, Raheen, Clonmel was established by Wellness facilitator and Reiki master, Edwina McElhinney.

Edwina’s love of healing started in her childhood with domestic pets and farm animals. On entering her teens, she joined the Irish Red Cross and was a regular attendee at motor racing events and, in later years, horse racing duty. It was at these events,that Edwina found she was clairsentient. Clairsentience is the ability to feel and experience energy in an intuitive way

Following a very serious car accident in 2015, Edwina was introduced to Reiki. A wonderful friend suggested it, to help her in her mental and physical recovery. With hard work and guidance Edwina halved her recovery time and started her spiritual career with Usui Reiki and then Rahanni Celestial Healing. Now at teacher level in both and she is continuing to invest in more areas of wellbeing, for the benefit of her clients.


Edwina is passionate about healing and self care. She has established The Wellness room as she recognised the need for a warm, relaxing, private space where there is no judgement or counselling. Just a listening ear, meditation and energy healing. Edwina also works in the Natural Health clinic in Cashel and at Angelic Haven, Tipperary Town.

All are welcome and respect and confidentiality are guaranteed

Services available at the Wellness room

Usui Reiki

Used worldwide to help ease the symptoms of many ailments, or just for relaxation, rejuvenation and to compliment traditional medicine. Edwina helps identify blockages within the body and assist in the clearance of old energies. Balance is key to wellbeing and this energy therapy is very effective and safe.


Rahanni Celestial Healing was intoduced to Ireland and the UK by Carol Stacey in 2002. This healing therapy is very intense yet gentle. It works from the heart and is based on truth, love and compassion, for ourselves and for others. Edwina finds this extremely effective for mental and emotional health issues, brining balance and rejuvenation. Children accept this therapy well.

Treatments last 75mins and in general, a course of three treatments is recommended.

Meditation One to One

Edwina offers one to one meditation for those who would benefit from the flexibility of date and time to suit the client. It is a guided meditation incorporating all the chakras and bringing them into alignment.


What Edwina’s Clients had to say…..

Rahanni with Edwina is so relaxing, so calming and is definitely working for me – definitely recommend Edwina…
Anne K

I really enjoyed my Rahanni treatment. It helped me to relax and sleep better! Can’t wait to go back for more!
Catherine M

….A great session; very relaxed atmosphere and Edwina is a lovely woman.

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Call: 087 6633260 ( please note that withheld numbers will not be answered)
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