A Quick Cuppa with… Melissa Hill

The hugely successful author is not just as warm and funny as ever, but proves that, despite international fame, she is still just a girly girl from Tipperary at heart – with a serious shoe addiction!

What is your favourite book?

The Stand by Stephen King. He’s my favourite author and I devour everything he writes but this one still ahem…stands out as my all-time fave.

Where is your favourite place?

Clearwater Beach, Florida. Seems like everyone (except us) goes to Florida for the theme parks and the gulf coast is just a couple of hours’ drive yet it’s a world apart – white sandy beaches, palm trees, wild dolphins and the best bit; margaritas on tap. It used to be our home away from home over the winter months when my daughter was younger, but since she started school our wings have been well and truly clipped.

What is your favourite Movie?

Jurassic Park. It’s 25 years old this year, but still far and away the greatest cinematic experience of my life. That first glimpse you get of the T-Rex … awesome.

If you found €5 on the street what would you do?

Put it straight towards my ever-depleting shoe fund, of course.

Whats the last meal that you had?

A beetroot and mayonnaise sandwich about an hour ago. I’m on a crazy deadline at the moment so I’m not fussed on when or what I eat and just grab whatever’s in the fridge.

Whats your nicest memory?

Probably a toss-up between my wedding day and the birth of my daughter – both huge and very memorable moments.


What would you consider your biggest achievement?

A movie of one of my books actually ending up on screen. Even though I’ve lots of my stuff under option, the odds of something getting made are so long I still can’t believe A Gift to Remember went all the way.

Who’s the most famous name in your phone book?

I wouldn’t have a notion. Celebrity stuff tends to go over my head, and any people I do know in the biz to me are just friends from work.

If you were not in your current career, what would you be doing?

Something related to books in some way – or shoes maybe. That’s it – I’d probably try to be a shoe buyer for Zara or the like, but I’d be no good at it because they’d end up never selling. Nobody seems to share my taste; the ones I jump on in Penney’s as soon as they come in are always the ones piled up in the sale section a few weeks later.

What song means alot to you?

‘Slievenamon’ – self-explanatory I think. It was the first dance song at our wedding, because we couldn’t think of a better one.

Who did you last compliment and why?

A random woman I passed on the street wearing amazing shoes.!

Whats the best piece of advice you ever received?

Life is short; buy the shoes.

Finish this sentence: All I want is…?

……a bit of craic. And more shoes!

A Quick Cuppa

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