Traffic calming measures needed in Ballycahill according to local councillor

Photo © Tipp FM

The success of a local shop has made Ballycahill village more dangerous according to a local councillor.

Ryan’s Mace has turned into a busy spot which is being welcomes by Micheál Lowry.

But most of the other buildings in the small village are on the other side of the road so Cllr Lowry says more traffic calming measures are needed to make it safer for locals crossing the road to get to the shop:

“The dynamic in Ballycahill has changed with the opening of the shop there which has proven to be successful and a welcome addition to the village but what it’s done is it’s but a focus on the amount of movement that needs to happen, people crossing the road.

“While the distance that you cover through the village is relatively short at probably 400 metres, there’s a huge amount of infrastructure there.”