Tipperary senator raises concern about Covid cert restrictions

Senator Garret Ahearn

A Tipperary senator is concerned that the restrictions of Covid certs could impact anyone who had Covid, but only took an antigen test.

Speaking in the Seanad, Fine Gael Senator Garret Ahearn said that this is a big issue, mostly for those under the age of 40 who were encouraged to register antigen results, instead of getting a PCR.

This now means that their booster was likely delayed and they can’t access a recovery cert.

Senator Ahearn said that this now affects people’s ability to travel.

“We have a situation at the moment, through no fault of their own, where we have people under the age of 40, who’ve had their first vaccine, have had their second vaccine, were going to get a booster, but because they got Covid, they can’t have their booster for three months.

“But because during Christmas, we asked people under 40 to do an antigen test instead of a PCR test, under EU law, they cannot receive a Covid recovery cert.”

Senator Ahearn also suggested that the certs could be expanded to include antigen test results reported to the state and that the time between recovering from Covid and getting a booster should be reduced from three months to 28 days, like it is in the UK.