‘Tipperary must not allow Mayo a fast start’ – Liam Kearns

Tipp vs Cork -2020 National Football League game - (c) Sportsfocus.ie

In less than half an hour, Tipperary and Mayo will battle it out for the right to play Dublin in this year’s All-Ireland football final.

Mayo have named Lee Keegan at corner back while Aidan O’Shea is at full forward with Cillian O’Connor in the corner.

Former Tipperary manager Liam Kearns believes Tipp must not allow Mayo to gain an early lead:

“That’s crucial because they are that kind of team, once they get the winds in their sails, like all the good teams and once they see any kind of weakness they’ll go for the jugular.

“They’d be more ruthless than teams from lower divisions.

“I would say Tipperary have to be ready for the intensity that they’ll bring from the start.

“We were in 2016, we got a better start than they did and we took the game to them in 2016 but I’m expecting they will try come with a lot of intensity on Sunday and Tipp have to be ready for that.”

We’ll have live commentary of the game here on Tipp FM, with thanks to Casey Tiles and Wooden Floors, Business Park, Cahir.