Tipperary LGFA announce exclusive streaming partnership

Carrie Davey in action for Tipperary (c) Cahir Media

Tipperary LGFA have announced a new three-year broadcast partnership.

CK Streaming will have have exclusive access to broadcast Club Ladies Football action in the county until 2024.

The streaming service began broadcasting club Ladies Football games in Tipperary last year, amounting to over 500,000 views across 84 livestreams.

Games from Under 12 up to Senior will be broadcast on the service, which is available on the CK Streaming Youtube Channel.

Speaking at the launch on CK streaming’s Youtube Channel, Tipperary Senior Manager Peter Creedon said the partnership will add to the overall development of Ladies Football in Tipperary:

“It is something that is necessary that coaches especially, I’m coming from a coaching point of view, will start looking at matches and start analysing their players, assessing their strength and weaknesses, what their skillsets are, where they can improve.

“I think if that can be brought on board, along with the fact that parents and relatives can see matches, I think you’re adding to the overall development of Tipperary Ladies Football.”