Tipperary GAA referee expects to be double jobbing when action returns

Photo (c) Pixabay

A Tipperary GAA referee and referee tutor believes that refs in the Premier County will have to officiate three matches a week when the action returns.

Philip Kelly says there are just under 100 referees in Tipperary under the stewardship of County Coordinator John Bob Ryan and they could find themselves refereeing two games at the weekend as well as another during the week.

A video outlying the protocols and necessary information for a return to GAA action for referees is expected to be released next week.

Because of the high age profile of referees in Tipperary, Philip Kelly doesn’t think all of his colleagues will return straight away.

β€œIt will probably turn out that referees will be double jobbing in the sense that they could be doing two matches at the weekend and maybe a match midweek. Our age profile is high in Tipperary, we will probably find that there will be some of my colleagues which may not return because some of them might be afraid of going in where we have a confined area with people in it.”