Tipperary GAA clubs urged to vote at Special Convention tonight

Photo © Tipp FM

A special convention is taking place tonight which could see a change in how rules are voted on in Tipperary GAA.

Carrick Swans GAA club have put forward a motion to stop the use of secret ballots when voting on motions.

This was following a ruling at last year’s county convention where a secret ballot was used during the motion on the rebranding of the Seamus O’Riain championship.

Each club in the county can have two delegates present at the Dome in Thurles tonight at 7.30pm to decide on the outcome.

Carrick Swans secretary Sean O’Shea says they want transparency in voting going forward:

“The key thing about all of this is all we are looking for is a show of hands to be used for structural changes to our championships, not for anything else and this is very important to realise.

“The secret ballot method of voting for structural changes is wrong, in that it suits a certain agenda, there is no visible accountability on the way clubs vote and greater transparency is needed in my opinion.

“As I say, this is only all about accountability and transparency and nothing more.

“That meeting is on this evening and we would hope that the clubs would support the motion.”