Tipperary County Council provides update to complaints about the Thurles Town River

Thurles Municipal District offices. Photo © Tipp FM.

Tipperary County Council has responded to the complaints about the state of the Thurles Town River.

Cllr Jim Ryan says the council has provided an update on the reports of algae bloom, smells and hedge overgrowth on the walkway, and they are taking steps towards action.

He says they are looking to draw up plans for the area that are in conjunction with and agreed to by the Inland Fisheries, the OPW, and the LAWPRO, which can take time.

The Thurles councillor says there are a number of actions the local authority hope to take in the coming months.

“What they’re looking to do is to mitigate future potential flooding, so they’re going to enhance the area by installing deflectors, which are rocks, etc. that will increase hydrology that will remove the algae bloom along the river. They’re going to install birdboxes, signage, information boards, and, one I very much welcome, a disabled fishing burt. All the above are subject to obtaining the relevant approvals and funding. But, also, what they’re going to do along the river walk itself, they will be pruning over-hanging vegetation, the removal of bank vegetation, and the removal of overgrown hedging.”

One item that came up among the complaints was to due with inactive water fountains that sit along the walkway.

The Thurles councillor says he would like to see them back on.

“To give the story of it, there was two lovely fountains in the river by the bridge, I think they were a wonderful effect and amenity for the town, but they were switched off a number of years ago and the reason given by the local authority was that complaints came in from people who were walking over the bridge, on the footpath, and if the wind was blowing in a certain direction, those people would get kind of wet from the fountains. So, as a result of those complaints, the council switched off the fountains, but, I’ll be honest, I think they should be switched back on again. I think they’re lovely amenities.”