Tipperary county board secretary identifies potential issues with ‘Proposal B’

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County board secretary Tim Floyd has identified potential issues with Proposal B for the upcoming GAA Special Congress.

The proposals would see the league and All-Ireland championships linked, moving the provincial championships to Spring.

This would guarantee Tipperary footballers at least 12 games per year, something which senior manager David Power and captain Conor Sweeney have both voiced their support for.

A county board meeting will take place next Tuesday night to decide how Tipperary will vote.

Tim Floyd says while the new proposals would mean a heavy workload, if that’s what the majority of clubs want, then that is how Tipperary will vote:

“Motion B will demand an awful lot of games.

“If a team was to get to a Munster and an All-Ireland final next year, it would mean that they would play 17 matches.

“That’s an awful lot of games and trying to work all that in to a closed season and still be finished in July but if that’s what they want, I suppose clubs, players and management see that as a carrot, playing matches is probably better than trying to train every week and playing challenge matches.

“It’s a heavy workload and if that’s what’s in demand, that’s what they’ll get.”