Tipperary Chief Superintendent says Garda stations will remain open for the public

Garda stations across Tipperary are open for business during the Covid-19 outbreak.

That’s the message from Chief Superintendent Derek Smart who heads up the Tipperary Division.

People are being urged to contact their local Garda station if they have concerns about themselves, their loved ones or friends.

Chief Superintendent Smart spoke on Tipp Today earlier about the measures put in place by the force:

“We’re very much open for business. All our stations are open and we’ve restructured the deployment of our resources in the different units, just to make sure we have personnell in the right places that are available to respond to whatever the community needs from us.

“There is a coordination divisional unit here as well so that any issues that arise for us here within the division, we can feed them back into Head Office and then just to make sure that the correct answers are gotten and the right information is brought back out into the public domain.”