Tipp FM’s Sheila Naughton named Ireland’s Strongest Woman

Fran Curry pictured with Sheila Naughton. (c) Tipp FM via Canva.com.

A local woman was named Ireland’s Strongest Woman this past weekend.

Wicklow native and Tipp FM’s own Sheila Naughton was victorious in the Women’s Naturals Under 64kg category in Galway on Saturday.

The competition involves a number of different events including deadlifts, farmer walks and Atlas Stones.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Sheila spoke of journey from struggling with 3kg weights to doing 17 reps of 140kg deadlift on Saturday:

“Train really hard.

“I believe that If I can do it, anyone can.

“I started on 3 kilo dumbbells and I really was struggling.

“I remember them putting the bar over me for the first time on the bench and I could hardly press it up and now I look back on that and I just see how far I have come.

“It’s consistency, I give everything my all, I’m very all or nothing, I commit to that and I did not miss one training session over those 12 to 13 weeks (in preparation for Saturday’s event).”