Sweeney: “I saw the lockdowns as a real opportunity”

Photo (c) Sportsfocus.ie

Tipperary football captain Conor Sweeney says the lockdowns have made him a hungrier player.

The Ballyporeen man lead the Premier to a historic Munster Final last November.

Sweeney says he really enjoyed the break he was given away from a fast paced life due to lockdowns over the past year.

Speaking on last night’s Time Out with Stephen Gleeson, Conor says he embraced the time away from the game:

“I embraced it, I saw the lockdowns as a real opportunity.

“From a football perspective, first of all I took a break, a well needed break physically and mentally because mentally it can take it’s toll on you as an inter-county player because you’re always switched on, you’re always thinking.

“So the break mentally as well as physically was just perfect for me.

“It was my first proper break in about ten years so I really enjoyed it, I had my few beers on the weekends and just switched off and it was fantastic.

“Then when you get back training because there’s a date in mind, you find you’re a little bit hungrier, you find you’ve that little bit between your teeth again and you find yourself recharged and that’s how I felt.”