Surgeries and outpatient appointments cancelled

More elective surgeries and outpatient appointments have been cancelled for six hospitals, including two serving Tipperary.

Nenagh Hospital and University Hospital Limerick are part of the UL Hospital Group which has announced that the cancellations are being extended to this coming Wednesday, the 18th.

The visiting ban has also been extended until March 29th.

Exceptions to the cancellation and appointments that will be going ahead at this time include:

  • Dialysis (UHL)
  • Cancer services (oncology and haematology day ward; haematology and oncology OPD clinics; medical oncology clinics; Ward 4B appointments) (UHL)
  • Urgent Cardiology diagnostics – patients being contacted directly (UHL)
  • OPAT (antibiotic therapy) (UHL)
  • Radiology outpatients (UHL)
  • Fracture Clinic (UHL)
  • Paediatrics: oncology/radiology day case/diabetes education (UHL)
  • Ante-natal clinic; colposcopy clinic; diabetes in pregnancy clinic; elective c-sections and induction of labour (UMHL)
  • Warfarin Clinic (Ennis Hospital)
  • Elective surgery for paediatric patients (Croom Orthopaedic Hospital)
  • Radiology appointments (Nenagh Hospital)
  • Warfarin Clinic (St John’s Hospital)

For a limited number of other urgent outpatient appointments and procedures, patients will be called directly by staff to confirm the appointment.

The visiting ban that has been in place across UL Hospitals Group since March 6th, will now remain in place until March 29th.