Social distancing: Dr says leave enough space for a Tipperary forward swinging a hurley between you and others

COVID-19 Social Distancing Photo from Pixabay

A local GP is warning people to keep their distance from others if they have to get some outdoor exercise over the weekend.

Nenagh-based Dr Pat Harrold is worried about some instances of close public interactions and spitting which he has noted in recent days.

Widespread concern was raised last weekend as many outdoor areas were thronged with people attempting to escape their homes.

But Dr Harrold says that people should keep a Tipperary hurler in their mind if they are out and about:

“I noticed two friends of mine chatting on the side of the road and you couldn’t fit much between them. [You need] two metres, so I was thinking if you take a big cut of a lad, a good Tipperary forward – say, Jason Forde.

“Imagine Jason with his arm out with a hurley – if Jason can puck you in the gob with that, you’re too close.”