A Service for Life in support of people affected by suicide to take place in South Tipp tomorrow

Photo from Google Maps

A Service for Life in support of all who have in been affected by suicide will take place in South Tipperary tomorrow.

Fr Iggy O’Donovan is an Augustinian Priest and is encouraging anyone who has been impacted by suicide or would like to show solidarity to come to the Augustinian Abbey Fethard tomorrow at 12 noon.

He says that suicide has become one of the biggest issues in this country in recent years and it leave ‘searing wound’ on many.

Father Iggy says he is grateful that the stigma around the topic is starting to disappear and wants Sunday to be a celebration of life:

“So many people relatives friends, community, I know the old cliché no one is an island we all belong to humanity but it very very true, suicide can often sometimes be taken so for granted but it is precious life that is lost every day. It is not just that but the searing wound that it leaves and I know it personally close up too. The service on Sunday is simply a celebration of life and support for families who have been directly and indirectly touched and people like the CSAW organisation in Clonmel will join with us as well there.”