Public Health Mid-West raise concerns about people attending hospitality settings whilst infectious

Photo from Pixabay

Businesses in the hospitality sector are being urged to fully comply with confirming valid Covid-19 certificates of customers.

In the last three weeks, 168 people who attended such settings in north Tipp, Clare and Limerick were subsequently found to be infectious, according to Public Health Mid-West.

The midwest public health body says there has been a sudden increase in cases in the region in the last week, connected to widespread community transmission.

In the last fortnight, there have been 824 cases in the region, including 126 in north Tipperary.

Outbreaks have been recorded in a wide variety of settings, including long-term residential care facilities and a small number of sports teams.

Concerns have also been raised by Public Health Mid-West about the number of people attending hospitality settings while infectious.

168 such cases have been detected in the region.

People are being asked to avoid such settings if symptomatic or previously at-risk of infection.

While the hospitality sector have been urged to fully comply with confirming valid certificates of their patrons.