Plans to revitalise Tipp Town are taking shape

Photo © Tipp FM

The energy of people engaging with the Tipperary Town Revitalisation Taskforce has been praised so far.

The group, which aims to produce and deliver an effective plan to revitalise the west Tipp town, has been carrying out thematic consultation workshops in recent months.

150 people shared their views on multiple different themes relating to the town, and work will now begin on drafting a plan in the coming months.

Carmel Fox is the Independent Chair for the taskforce:

“Across that process, we’ve had over 150 people that participated in the consultations.

“What was wonderful was the energy that came across.

“That energy and the positivity and the potential, all of that was emerging, which was really powerful.”

“The next step now is to have that all written into a plan.

“So, we will be doing that writing and prioritising to come up with a draft plan over the next couple of months,

“In the meantime, we will be carrying on with other small pieces of work.”