O’Dwyer & Howard unavailable for Tipperary ladies footballers in relegation final

Tipperary's Orla O'Dwyer Photo from Sportsfocus.ie.

Tipperary dual stars Roisin Howard and Orla O’Dwyer have made themselves unavailable for tomorrow’s relegation final with Tyrone.

Both players were named to start for Tipperary’s ladies football team in their relegation final with Tyrone on Saturday, whilst also being named to start on Sunday for Tipp’s camogie All-Ireland semi-final clash with Galway.

Tipperary had made an unsuccessful attempt to reschedule Saturday’s relegation final, leaving Howard and O’Dwyer with difficult decisions to make.

Both players informed Ladies Football manager Declan Carr that they would not be available for tomorrow’s game.

Carr says the decision won’t distract his squad:

“Both girls made themselves unavailable for the football on Saturday so we will unfortunately be starting without them and we wish them the best in the camogie on Sunday.

“That’s another hurdle we’ve got to get over but we don’t want to get distracted, we’ve got to go with what we have to go with and make the best of it.”

Tipperary camogie manager Bill Mullaney says the girls had a tough decision to make:

“It’s tough on the girls, they had a hard choice to make and fortunately for us they are after making the decision to go with the camogie.

“With all the time that was in the bank, I’m sure it could have been held earlier or even postponed another week to facilitate the two of them.

“Hard on the two girls and hard on the footballers as well but they’ve made their decision now and we just have to back them and support them.”