Newcastle Liam Lynch Memorial Committee to host commemorative events over Easter weekend

Photo from Mattie McGrath TD

Plans are well underway in the South Tipp village of Newcastle to mark the centenary of Chief of Staff of the Irish Republican Army, General Liam Lynch.

The Newcastle Liam Lynch Memorial Committee has a host of commemorative events planned for Easter weekend.

They include a historical bus tour and a book launch on Easter Saturday and a walking tour on Easter Sunday.

The main commemoration event takes place on Easter Monday with a Wreath Laying ceremony at the Liam Lynch Monument at 9am to coincide with the time of his fatal wounding 100 years ago to the day.

Local TD Mattie McGrath says Liam Lynch’s death has been marked in Newcastle over the years.

“The Newcastle commemoration committee are there since 1934; they said about building a fitting memorial, and it is one of the finest memorials in the country. There was a committee of 12, of which my late dad was joint treasurer with Mossie O’Gorman, and the money they got, we have the records, and it’s lovely to see them now, they appealed to America for funds, and they got a half-crown and a shilling  –  a lot of money at the time – but all the money came in those kind of small amounts.