New venue built ahead of Clonmel Junction Arts Festival

Photo From Clonmel Junction Arts Festival Facebook Page.

The Clonmel Junction Arts Festival are pushing the boat out for their upcoming events and have invested in a purpose built structure, which will act as a spectacular venue for the performances.

With funding from the Arts Council and Tipperary County Council, the committee have built a geodesic dome.

The festival takes place from July 3rd to 11th.

Artistic Director Cliona Maher told Tipp FM that this will be a great resource for the town, available for a variety of events, while also protecting the festival from the uncertainties of Covid:

“To answering to the fact that there isn’t a professionally run theatre in Clonmel, we wanted to sort of put our resources into a structure that we would own.

“We also wanted to do something that would be as covid proof as could be.

“We were never sure of how many people you could have indoors or outdoors but the one thing we were sure of was that you could livestream.

“So what we did was we basically built a structure that you can livestream from, then hopefully, fingers crossed, the government will confirm the July 5th opening and we will be able to have audiences in the dome, with performers.”