Nenagh Celtic in search of new home ground after agreement with Nenagh College ends abruptly

Stock photo: Pixabay.

Nenagh Celtic are in search of a new place to call home.

The reigning NT&DL Premier Division champions and Tipperary cup holders currently have no place to play, following the abrupt ending of their previous agreement with Nenagh College to use their premises.

The club sent a letter out to clubs, councillors and organisations around North Tipperary looking for help in finding a new location to play, as the new season is already underway.

Club secretary Stephan Ryan says the club are in a position to purchase land, but have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable plot so far:

“At the minute, we are homeless, we’ve no place to train or play games.

“That’s basically the bottom line of it and we’re looking for a bit of help in locating a piece of land.

“We have funds, our own funds plus of €80,000 and we’re hoping to spend it because it’s no good to us sitting in the Credit Union.

“We want to spend it and find somewhere we can call home.”

Ryan says that they want to continue providing a service to the town:

“Nenagh is a great sporting town and we’ve played our small part in that down through the years and we’d love to continue doing that but to do that we do need a bit of help.

“We’re not looking for any handouts, we’ve raised our own money and we’re in a position to buy a small piece of land if it becomes available at the right price.”