Mattie McGrath seeks further reduction in personal injury awards

Mattie McGrath TD. Photo © Houses of the Oireachtas.

Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath has told the Taoiseach that recent changes to personal injuries awards don’t go far enough.

Addressing Mícheál Martin in the Dáil, deputy McGrath said businesses and other organisations are still being left on the hook for high insurance costs, by comparison with the UK.

The Judicial Council revised compensation guidelines earlier this month, paving the way for lower insurance pay-outs through the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB).

Deputy McGrath says hard-pressed organisations need even greater help to curb these payouts:

“Businesses out there are struggling as we know anyway but now with the pandemic it’s all the more important that the Judicial Council gets the teeth here and brings down the payouts much smaller.

“The payout now for a minor injury on your thumb, a sprain, is €12000 but in England it’s only €4500.”