Local woman describes UHL as a “warzone” after spending over 24 hours in emergency department

Photo © Pat Flynn

A local woman has described UHL as a “warzone” following her recent experience at the Dooradoyle Hospital.

Deirdre Rose spent over 24 hours on a chair at University Hospital Limerick and has been telling Tipp Today about her experience.

It comes amid the ever-present issues surrounding overcrowding at the facility.

The HSE has also confirmed it will not be purchasing the 53-bed Barrington’s Hospital in Limerick which is currently on the market.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Deirdre describes how long she spent without a bed or trolley following entering the A&E:

“I’d say 26 hours in total.

“It was scary in there and I think if they did put me on a trolley I would’ve said ‘no’ because there is elderly out there that could do with a trolley.

“I was ok to sit on the chair, I would’ve felt safer on the chair because you had security there beside you and all the porter-men but being on a trolley down a corridor and other people on trolleys, it just wouldn’t be safe at all.

“It was just awful in there, a warzone it was.”