Very Little Done For Carers In Budget 2022

Stock photo: Pixabay

A leading advocate in Tipperary for family carers says that “very little has been done for the average family carer” in Budget 2022.

Family Carers Ireland say the five euro increase in the weekly rate of Carer’s Allowance and Carer’s Benefit doesn’t go far enough, but did welcome an increase in the ‘income disregard’ for the allowance, allowing a couple to earn 750 euro.

This is the first reform of the allowance in 14 years, and could allow thousands more carers to access the allowance according to Richie Molloy – the Manager of Family Carers Ireland in Tipperary.

Richie was however disappointed with the five euro increase in the fuel allowance:

“Five Euro is very very small. We’re being told all the time that heating oil and electricity are all going to go up over the next couple of months due to the carbon taxes and the fact that they’re going up in general. So five Euro won’t do a lot.”

“Another plus point would be the fact that the Christmas Bonus will be paid this year in full and anyone on the Carer’s Allowance will be entitled to double'”