LIT students urged to play their part in tackling Covid-19

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    It will be college but not as we know it as staff and students from LIT Campuses in Tipperary, Limerick and Clare prepare to go back.

    Although students will return later this month, it will be a blend of home and school learning.

    All students will be timetabled to spend time on campus every week for tutorials and practical’s, while lectures will be delivered remotely.

    Class lists will also be taken daily and the wearing of face masks will be mandatory.

    Speaking on Tipp Today, President of LIT Professor Vincent Cunnane said that students will have to take personal responsibility.

    “There’s only so much any institution can do. Personal responsibility plays a huge part in ensuring we mitigate the risk.”

    “We have a new Covid-19 charter for our students which talks about their responsibility to the institution. I can outline to them all the things that we are going to do for them – but we are asking them what they can do for us.”

    “They have to take that personal responsibility – mandatory face masks, the Covid-19 app. Legislatively we have to know what students were on campus and we have to hold those records for up to four weeks.”

    “If everybody buys in – staff and students – we can have a successful year.”

    Listen back to LIT Professor Vincent Cunnane’s chat on Tipp Today here: