Lee: REACH project a “breath of fresh air” for Roscrea

Photo courtesy of Shane Lee

A local councillor says the recent surge of funding has been a ‘breath of fresh air’ for Roscrea.

This comes on the back of the announcement that the REACH project in the area has been given the go ahead to tender now, something Cllr. Shane Lee says will improve and support education in the area.

He told Tipp FM that there are a number of projects that are now happening that will bring Roscrea up to the level of some of the other towns in the county, something he feels is very welcome.

Speaking to the news desk he was complementary of the Board behind the REACH project and said it is hard work that has pushed the town forward:

“People would often say to me as their local councillor that Roscrea has been neglected for many years but thankfully that has changed now and we are in a positive place now and that is down to hard work and I suppose there is a huge amount of gratitude to Deputy Lowry since being involved in Roscrea since I have been a councillor in the town as well.

“This is not just about politics today this is about the community this is about the board this is about the town. There is a huge the piece of work going on .. you have all the agencies coming together to support Roscrea and Roscrea needs that boost and this is a massive boost.”